Required SNF Bulletin Board Postings

Skilled Nursing Facilities are required by Federal and State regulations to post specified information in prominent places readily available to residents and visitors.  However, this mandated information is not grouped together in any one spot in the regulations.  Rather, it is interspersed throughout the bodies of both the Federal and State regulations.  The following list includes required postings from the State Operations Manual Appendix PP-Guidance to Surveyors for Long Term Care Facilities and the South Carolina Standards for Licensing Nursing Homes.

Postings should be seen at wheelchair level, conspicuously displayed, and large enough print to read.  You may need to include a magnifying glass or post access to an available magnifying glass.

You may include the same information in a notebook on each unit with a posting of availability on the main bulletin board. (You probably would choose to omit the Activity calendar, daily menu and staffing posting from this notebook related to daily changes.)

  • Bill of Rights for Residents of Long Term Care Facilities
  • Grievance Policy/Concern Policy (The Grievance Policy/Concern Policy should be posted adjacent to the Resident Rights posting.  It should include a statement which notes the  procedure/policy is to be exercised on behalf of the residents to enforce the Resident Bill of Rights and include the address/number of the Department Division of Health Licensing and a provision prohibiting retaliation should the grievance right be exercised.)
  • Requirements and procedures for establishing Medicaid and the right to request an assessment determining the extent of a couple’s non-exempt resources at the time of institutionalization and attributes to the community spouse an equitable share of resources which cannot be considered available for payment toward the cost of the institutionalized spouse’s medical care in his or her process of spending down to Medicaid eligibility level.

SC Medicaid Information

  • A posting of names, addresses, & telephone numbers:  State Survey and Certification Agency, State Licensure Office, State Ombudsman program, Protection and Advocacy Network, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, local Social Security office, local Medicaid office and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


  • A statement that the resident may file a complaint with the State survey and certification agency concerning resident abuse, neglect, and misappropriation of resident property in the facility, and non-compliance with the advance directive requirements.
  • Information on how to apply for and use Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and how to receive refunds for previous payments covered under such benefits.

Contacting Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare information

  • Results of the most recent State and Federal surveys and any Plan of Correction in effect with respect to the facility must be readily accessible and with a posting of their availability.
  • Notice of availability of phone use on where calls may be made without being overheard.
  • Notice of the SC Omnibus Adult Protection Act

Omnibus Adult Protection Act NOTICE

  • Daily posting including the facility name, current date, total number of actual hours worked by categories of licensed & unlicensed staff directly responsible for resident care per shift & resident census.
  • Activity Calendar which includes the activities, dates, times, and locations of the activity
  • Visiting hours (If the facility has open visitation, then state such)

Visitation Policy

  • Current day’s menu
  • Plan for evacuation (procedures and evacuation route)
  • Suggested:  Smoking Policy, Bed Hold Policy, & name, specialty, and way of contacting the attending MD

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